Birth and Early Life Edit

Zeddy, (who's real name is Emil Dragić) was born on November 1, 1999 in the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia in the city of Novi Sad, Serbia. He attended school at Djordje Natošević. At the early age of five Emil moved to the United States due to political issues that were happening in Serbia. Emil has three siblings, one of them that are alive, his brother named Lepi Dragić. Emil struggled a lot in school when he was younger. He never understood the material he was learning, he was then found out to have dyslexia but he since then has gotten better.

Picture of Emil. September 13, 2016

Novi Sad in Serbia and Europe

Location of Novi Sad, Serbia.

Current Life Edit

Emil currently resides in Pennsylvania and goes to an unknown high school. Emil plays American Football and Rugby for his school, he also achieved honor roll last year and is currently due for merit roll. Emil also has a YouTube channel where he plays games with his friends, however most of his videos are gone, Emil currently uploads parodies about the Yugoslav wars, in which he has a fondness of researching since he was born during the war. Emil can speak 3 languages. Serbian, English, and Russian, which impresses a lot of people in his school. When Emil isn't at practice or school he likes to create music for video games. His most notable work is his redone soundtrack for Fallout: New Vegas, which was a huge success with his friends, even with all the support though. He still doesn't enjoy making music as much as he did a while ago. Nowadays Emil is a modder For Left 4 Dead 2 and is an owner for a S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Garry's Mod server.

YouTube Career Edit


Zeddy's current YouTube logo.

Emil used to do YouTube way before his channel "Zeddy". his first channel called "Left4deaddude1234" had no uploads. He only used that channel to watch videos and comment. He however forgot the password to the channel and it has since he deleted. His second channel was "Srpska Reviews" which consisted of him reviewing certain products such as toys, cologne, ect. It did decent but he closed it since he thought he could do better. On March 14, 2012 he opened up a channel called "Noble Pancake", it consisted of him playing video games, most notably "Skyrim" and "GTA IV". He later deleted all of his videos and only used the channel to comment and watch videos. Three years later he decided to have another shot at YouTube, he opened up a channel called "Zeddy" where he post videos of him playing solo games, or games with friends.

Trivia Edit

  • Emil has been friends with TheVirtualBox for nearly a year.
  • Emil is ambidextrous.
  • Emil is also friends with YouTuber Bamanboi
  • Emil used to own a CS:GO team that has since disbanded.
  • Emil loves to sing songs from the Yugoslav Wars, his favorites being: Mlada Srpska Garda, Crvena Rjeka, and Oj Alija Alijo!