"Nice to meet you, Phil Gayts. I'm interested in bringing you to my bedroom to work on my latest project..."


(Gabe's first line, offering the owner of Microsoft work)

Gabe Newell is a rather loose rendition of the real life Gabe Newell that TheVirtualBox used as his character in Under Development. He is the main protagonist of about 20% of The Great MDickie Experience: Part 1. This makes Gabe Newell the first character TheVirtualBox has created and played as in the series. Currently, his status is unknown as we last saw him burned out from stress, face down on his desk which caused TheVirtualBox to believe he had died. Hard Time started soon after this event.

Appearance Edit

Gabe Newell is overweight, with both of his eyes facing off-center. He has wide lips and a large nose, with simple black hair. He wears a red button-up shirt with the top 4 buttons unbuttoned as well as blue sweatpants, even during formal business meetings where such attire would be inappropriate. He is always seen smiling.

Personality Edit

Gabe Newell seems to be a rather happy individual, being excited to start an independent gaming company. . He is excited to show his associate George Bray his work on a game despite barely even starting. However, he is way too ambitious for his good as he asks rather high-up individuals to work for him. He seems to overestimate most people and burns out rather quickly under stress, unfortunately.

History Edit

Skills Edit

He shows minimal skill in game development as he only gets around 4 minutes of screen time. However, his enthusiasm might've gotten him far. He does successfully hire Mat Dickie to help him with his game for about 1 week, however Mat Dickie screws him over by already being stressed out by the time he's hired, meaning Mat Dickie gets paid for not working at all.

Trivia Edit

  • The actual Gabe Newell is the successful owner of Valve Corporation, a well known game development company best known for producing games such as Half-Life and Portal.
  • TheVirtualBox's Gabe Newell only got about four minutes of screen time.
  • He is technically the first MDickie character TheVirtualBox played as in The Great MDickie Experience series.
  • He barely got started on his first game before burning out on stress once more. During this final burning out TheVirtualBox thought he had died.