Overview Edit

Agrippa The Rippa is a Child Sim that TheVirtualBox made and played as along with Agrippa's unlikely housemate Thrash Crabshack in his video The Sims 3: Thrash and Agrippa Fight Humanity.

Appearance Edit

Agrippa's normal attire consists of khaki pants with simple brown shoes, a pale blue shirt and red tie, and some glasses. He has no hair at all, which made TheVirtualBox think he looks like a cancer patient. He has a small, kind of scrunched up face.

History Edit

Personality Edit

He has the traits Genius, Lucky, and Computer Whiz. TheVirtualBox sent him to a neighboring home, so Agrippa autonomously tried to talk with them, which TheVirtualBox cancelled numerous times. This made Agrippa awkwardly stand and watch the neighbors.

Skills and Abilities Edit

Weaknesses Edit

Trivia Edit

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